There are two ways of joining StudentVoice:

Join as an individual student

We want every school student to become a member of StudentVoice, and we've made it easy! If you want to become a member, visit the link above, enter a few details and you're done. It's free, and you'll get:

  • Access to our Members Only area
  • Regular newsletter updates
  • The right to participate in StudentVoice conferences and events

Become a StudentVoice School

We invite any school to become a StudentVoice School. StudentVoice schools get a discount on the cost of training and other useful benefits.

Students, if you think your school should become a StudentVoice school, click on the link above to visit the StudentVoice Schools page and download the information leaflet. You can also refer your teachers to that part of the website - it's the only bit we wrote for teachers governors and parents.

Take this website link  to your Head teacher, form tutor, the head of your school council -the most influential person you know.

Teachers, Parents and other StudentVoice Supporters

Are you a teacher or non-student and wish to show your support for StudentVoice?

Sign up now to recieve updates on the organisation's progress.


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