The Phoenix Education Trust  is a small national charity which seeks to promote democratic education – education in which all members of the school community, including children and young people are trusted and respected and have an equal voice in decision-making processes. There are a number of innovative projects that have been developed both in the UK and abroad which aim to promote democratic education. Phoenix believes that students and teachers would benefit from experiencing the range of initiatives that currently exist and hopes that these events will encourage people to pursue the development of initiatives in their own schools and communities. The Phoenix Education Trust has developed a small travel bursary scheme.

Applicants may apply for funds to cover travel expenses or the cost of conference or seminar fees.  Teaching cover can also be covered by the bursary. The Trust hopes that applicants will use the funds available to visit existing schools that promote democratic principles, as well as to attend events, conferences, seminars etc.

What we shall require from you

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a record of their experience, in their own words, to be submitted to the Trust no later than two months after the completion of the visit or event. Bursary recipients will also be required to submit photocopies of all relevant receipts.

Method of application

All forms require the applicant to gain a supporting statement from a referee. In the case of teachers, the referee must be a student who can be contacted by the Trust to verify their support and confirm the teacher’s commitment to the promotion of democratic education. Referees for student applicants could be a teacher, headteacher or member of a student body (like StudentVoice or the school council) who can confirm that the student applicant has a commitment to promoting democratic education.

The applicant will be contacted by the Trust only when a decision about their application has been made.

Owing to the limit on the Trust’s funds not all applications will be successful.

Applications may be submitted by post to StudentVoice, 3rd Floor, City Side House, 40 Adler Street, London, E1 1EE or emailed to


Funds for the bursary scheme are limited and applicants will need to make a good case as to why their application should be supported.


The Trust will favour applications where teachers and students share the learning experience together.

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